PUBG Mobile Parachute Landing Glitch Even After New Patch

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PUBG Mobile is not only a challenging game to play with your friends but it has also become one of the top battle royale games as over 1 billion people have downloaded PUBG Mobile as of 22.

Released back in 2017, still the developers often release updates and bring new content like maps and skins to keep the game alive and interesting.

However, in the last few months, many players are complaining, that there are some issues with the parachute landing. According to multiple reports, many players are saying their parachute lands in the wrong area. Some other players are saying, their parachutes land far away from where they wanted to land.

To fix some minor issues, bugs, and errors including the parachute landing glitch, developers had released an update on 25th March. 

But according to several reports from around the world, the parachute landing issue is not yet solved and many players are still suffering from the same issue even after updating with the new patch.

And because of this issue, many players are frustrated especially those who are playing this game competitively.

Regrettably, the developers of PUBG Mobile have not yet said anything officially on this current issue. We hope, they will find out its hotfix very soon so that players can enjoy this most realistic shooting experience game without any issues.

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