PUBG: Battlegrounds announced its new map – DESTON

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, widely known as PUBG, is going to release a new map called “Deston” on the 13th of July as part of the 18.2 update. Initially, this new map will only be released for PC and the console release will follow on July 21st July.

Deston will include flooded downtown, a swamp, coastlines, one of the tallest skyscrapers in the game, and the Lodge, the biggest building ever made in the game. In addition, some new extra features will be added to the game.

Deston will be an 8×8 map, which was designed through various elements and feedback from Haven, primarily to achieve a look, feel, and mechanics to match the game. This map is guaranteed to be the largest, tallest, and densest in the entire game, with settings ranging from tall buildings, rolling hills, and plains to swamps.

All of this will challenge all players to fully discover each of these scenarios, including all the equipment, vehicles, and covers that they will offer. Also, throughout this new map, you can find two new weapons that are exclusive, the Origin 12 a shotgun with superior accuracy and range, and the MP9 a new high-power SMG specialized in close combat.

New Mechanics:


Due to the large size of the buildings, motorized pulley elevators will be incorporated into the game and will be in certain buildings to allow players to move quickly.

Emergency Parachute:

An emergency parachute will also be added to players’ inventory by default, so they can jump off the tallest buildings in Deston without worrying about falling. Since we will occupy it constantly, it will always remain activated, so it can be redeployed. In addition, this parachute can be combined with the elevators to shoot out and move faster on the map.

Gas Stations:

There will also be gas stations where players will be able to charge up all of their vehicles, though they will need to keep an eye out as gas stations can also explode.

As we have mentioned above, Deston is scheduled to launch this July 13, so that all PUBG: Battlegrounds players can enjoy it.

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