PlayStation fans disappointed by the State of Play complain on networks

PlayStation fans disappointed by the State of Play complain on networks

Recently the State of Play generated all kinds of comments from the players on social networks. A sector of the community was excited with some announcements of the presentation, but the reality is that many players were left wanting more revelations and the occasional surprise.

Sony detailed early on that the event would feature Deathloop news, third-party titles, and independent productions. While the company delivered on its promise, some of its fans were disappointed with the performance.

PlayStation players used social media to vent their frustration and criticize the State of Play. The reason? The type of ads and the absence of great third-party games.

Players were not happy with the State of Play announcements

Part of the community assured that the State of Play had a good number of announcements, but most of them were irrelevant according to their tastes and expectations. On the other hand, some players think that the presentation was badly paced and boring.

There are also people who believe that the State of Play has never been good, but that yesterday was one of the worst that has been done since the event exists. Partly for this reason, some fans of the brand did not even dare to see yesterday’s presentation.

Players said that for the type of ads there were, the State of Play was not entirely necessary. Despite the criticism, the community agreed to be excited by titles such as Death Stranding Director’s Cut, Lost Judgment, and Sifu.

Several Twitter users were disappointed as they expected a stronger presentation from Sony, especially after its absence from E3 2021. Also, many miss the big events that characterized the company in years past.

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