Nintendo is planning to launch the OLED Switch

Nintendo is planning to launch the OLED Switch

Nintendo took everyone by surprise with the reveal of the Switch OLED this morning. For a long time, there was talk about a more powerful revision of the hybrid system. However, the company did not comment on optimizations in this section for the next model of its system.

Because of this, many wonder why Nintendo decided to plan and launch a console like the Switch OLED, which includes improvements to its screen, more internal memory, as well as adjustments that will make it a little more ergonomic.

Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, spoke briefly on the subject and explained why they will launch the Switch OLED. In addition, Nintendo shared some images of the console to make players fall in love.

Why will Nintendo release Switch OLED

Through a statement, Bowser detailed what the Switch OLED will offer to gamers for a better gaming experience. Nintendo currently has the standard model of the console on the market, as well as the Switch Lite, dedicated to portable gaming.

The company decided to bet on another model of the hybrid console to improve some features of the current 1.1 system, but without necessarily making internal changes to divide its user base.

Bowser explained that the Switch OLED is a system that will optimize all the game modes of the original system. This will be possible in part to its new screen, which will offer more vibrant colors and sharp contrast in laptop and desktop mode.

On the other hand, the dock will now have a built-in LAN port, which will optimize the online experience when playing on a television.

The manager stated that the goal of Switch OLED is to offer even more options to its customers, who will now be able to choose a console depending on their needs. Switch OLED will not replace past models, as it will coexist and share accessories, as well as games.

“With the addition of this new model to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, people have the additional option of choosing the system that best suits the gaming experience they want, be it Nintendo Switch (OLED model), Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite”- said Bowser.

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