New World: Baetylus Headpiece Quest Unable to Progress

New World Baetylus Headpiece Quest Unable to Progress

New World is one of the popular multiplayer online role-playing games by Amazon Games released on 28th September 2021. However, fans of New World will not see any major new content in February as the team is focusing to solve several bugs and glitches such as desyncing and lagging in PvP, and the chat function doesn’t work. Now, players are reporting, the Baetylus Headpiece quest is not working and they are not able to complete it.

Players have already tried several things to get rid of this issue such as resetting the Baetylus Headpiece quest, leaving it, and they have also started the game all over again but nothing worked.

According to multiple reports, players are complaining, they have already completed the dungeon three times but still, this quest is not completed. Frustrated players are wondering, will this be fixed ever? 

Thankfully, a Community Moderator has already raised this issue to the developer team and asked for further investigation. Hopefully, devs will acknowledge this issue and also release its solution soon in the upcoming patch or update.

Meanwhile, you can check our website for the regular update and troubleshooting guides on several new online games. Also check – How to fix New World connection error.

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