MultiVersus Starter Mission – Check Out The Settings Not Working issue – Temporary Workarounds


MultiVersus is the latest free-to-play crossover fighting game by Payer First Games and many players around the world are already enjoying this incredible game. However, like other online games, MultiVersus also has several bugs and issues like UE4 fatal crash error or MultiVersus not connecting on Xbox, and more. Recently, many players are running into an error that reads – “Starter mission – check out the settings”. 

Those players who bought the battle pass are receiving a Starter Mission that says “Check out the settings”. And if the players won’t complete these missions, they can’t progress further and obtain new missions. According to multiple reports, many players are not able to finish the starter mission or quest even after checking the settings several times.

Thankfully, the developers of the game have already acknowledged the issue however, they have not revealed when the issue will be solved. Meanwhile, you can try the following workarounds to fix the issue.

Potential Workarounds: Many players have tried and shared some workarounds on Steam and Reddit. Here we have gathered all of them. Try and check if the MultiVersus “Starter Mission – check out the settings” error is solved or not.

1. Try to delete the “Savegames” folder and the issue will get fixed.

2. If you are playing it on PlayStation 5 and encountering this error, then follow these steps:

– Delete game

– Delete the save file of the game (You won’t lose anything because it is saved on the cloud)

– Download the game again

– Start the game as usual

– Start playing a match on the screen where you select a character so you get to choose which region you are in

– Click on the settings and it is done

As we have mentioned, developers are looking into the matter and they will surely find out the solution for this issue. Meanwhile, you can try these temporary solutions to get rid of MultiVersus “Starter Mission – check out the settings” not working issue.

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