Muck Obamium Ore and Black Shard – How to Use Them

Muck Obamium Ore and Black Shard – How to Use Them

When Muck came out initially it was to test the player’s ability to survive a number of days in a single run. However, with the update 3, the developer has added an ending to the game and there are ways to respawn in the game. There are several new items in the game that serves towards the ending. Two of them are Obamium Ore and Black Shard. Other new items include a powerful sword, Ruby, and Gems. The game has also added some new enemies. The update 3 in the game is all about the ending and most items and boss introduced to the game serve that purpose. In this guide, we will tell you how to use Obamium Ore and Black Shard in Muck.

Muck Obamium Ore and Black Shard Uses

Finding the Obamium Ore in Muck is not at all difficult. They just lie around in the fields, but you can also find the Ore in chests. In fact, we found it in the area we spawned in several runs. To get Black Shard in Muck, you have to beat the Guardians. They will drop the material.

Obamium Ore and Black Shard are used to make the best weapon in the game, the Night Blade. They are also required to repair the shipwreck boat that takes you to the ending. So, if you want to get to the ending, you will require both the items in the game.

To make the Night Blade, you require Obamium Bar, Black Shard, and Dark Oak Wood. To repair the boat, you first have to find it.

When you explore the caves in the game, you may come upon maps with the location of the Shipwreck Boat. Once you get there, the Obamium Ore and Black Shard would be required to repair the engine parts.

So, that’s the use of the two items in Muck. Let us know in the comments if we have missed something or if you need to know something else about the game.  

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