Madden 22 Players Not Receiving Their Level Up Rewards – EA Acknowledges

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Madden 22 is the newest American football video game by EA Sports. This series is a significantly better game than its earlier version Madden 21 because Madden 22 offers smoother gameplay and its franchise mode has more layers and MUT.

However, players have been reporting on several issues and bugs such as Madden 22 Sugar Rush welcome pack not received or missing, our servers cannot process your request error and many others.

Adding to these issues, many players are not complaining, they have not received their level-up rewards. And because of this issue, many players are frustrated and wondering at the same time when they’ll receive their rewards.

It seems the same issue occurred earlier and got fixed but now it is appearing and troubling many players once again. Some players have already tried some generic workarounds that include restarting the game but the issue doesn’t solve. Many players have waited for some days but still, they are not seeing their rewards.

Fortunately, the EA team has acknowledged this issue and said, they are well aware of this issue where some players have not received their level-up rewards.

The team has also asked players to share their Gamertag, their gaming platform details, and the missing MUT level reward.

Hopefully, they will release a patch soon fixing this issue so that the players can receive their level-up rewards as early as possible.

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