Madden 22 Freezes at Play Now Live Season (Week 15) – Acknowledged by Developers

Madden 22 Freezes at Play Now Live Season (Week 15) – Acknowledged by Developers

If you are a big fan of American football video games, then Madden 22 is the perfect game for you. This new installment is quite better than its earlier Madden 21 as this time the gameplay is smoother and its franchise mode has more yet better layers. But, this game also brings several issues and bugs like the Zero Chill journey home challenge not working.

And that’s not enough, a new issue has come up. According to multiple recent reports, many players are in a weird situation. They are not able to complete Play Now Live season in Week 15 as the game freezes on this particular point.

Players have already updated their game, but still, this issue doesn’t let them proceed further. Players have been experiencing this same issue for the last 2 weeks and so they are eagerly waiting for the next patch with its solution.

Recently, the developer team at EA Originals has acknowledged this problem causing Madden 22 freezes at Week 15 (Play Now Live Season). 

As you can see in the above screenshot, they have Tweeted on their official handle, they are already working on this and so will release the updates soon.

However, the estimated time for the patch is not revealed but hopefully, we will have its hotfix in the near future.

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