Lost Ark Time to Heal Ealyn Rapport Quest Crashes Issue Reappeared

Fix Lost Ark Missing Characters Bug – Developers Acknowledged the Issue

Despite the huge popularity following the launch of the West part, Lost Ark, developed by Amazon Games and Smilegate, is not without errors and bugs. 

Many players are facing several issues with the game such as the card catalog being full issue and missing character bugs. Furthermore, in the last few days, many players are having issues with the ‘Time to Heal’ Ealyn Rapport quest. Players say, it causes a crashing issue and the character stuck on the loading screen.

The game starts crashing specifically when players attempt to access the quest ‘Time to Heal’ Ealyn Rapport. Because of this problem, players are not able to complete the quest.

Some players experience a permanent stuck on the loading screen and they can’t move further in the game. So, now it is suggested to avoid the Lost Ark ‘Time to Heal’ Ealyn Rapport quest until the developers release a patch fixing this issue.

It is important to note, the issue is not new. The same glitch appeared some weeks ago and it was fixed as well. But the new update brought the same bug again.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet acknowledged this issue. But hopefully, we will have its hotfix soon as the same glitch is reappeared so developers would be able to fix it quickly and players will be able to complete this quest again.

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