Lost Ark Players Stuck in Rielvarr Ruins and Haiger’s Manor Areas – Issue Acknowledged

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Lost Ark is a tremendously generous free-to-play action RPG game. It offers an outstanding variety of places to visit and players like its strong combat system. 

In this game, there are a lot of exciting and challenging things to do. Players remain busy finding items, raids, bosses, locations, challenges, and much more.

However, players have been complaining about various issues and bugs with the game such as can’t summon mount bug or harmony and life shards disappeared suddenly. All of such issues prevent gamers from enjoying the game to the fullest. Recently, many players are reporting that they are experiencing endless loading screens or stuck in Rielvarr Ruins and haiger’s Manor locations. It seems like a bug in both of these areas. According to multiple reports, this issue happens at the beginning of the questline.

Thankfully, the Smilegate team is aware of the issue where players are stuck in Rielvarr Ruins and Haiger’s Manor locations. Currently, the company is fixing the issue but they have not revealed the ETA of when it will be resolved.

Since this issue is widespread, the dev team will surely find out the solution as early as possible. However, you can contact the Smilegate support team for further help.

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