League of Legends: The Most Common Error Codes and Quick Fixes

League of Legends The Most Common Error Codes and Quick Fixes

League of Legends is one of the widespread team-based games by Riot Games. However, different types of Error Codes in major online games are expected but errors in League of Legends are pretty indefinite and difficult to understand. So, here we have covered and explained all the common error codes with their quick fixes.

Check out below all the most common errors codes and their quick fixes.

League of Legends: Explaining and Fixing all The Major Error Codes and Their Quick Fixes:

1. Error Code 0U: This error occurs usually on the PBE client and when this error comes up, it displays assets incorrectly and also shuts down the client unexpectedly.

Fix: Run the third-party repair tool such as Hextech and then try to launch the game again. In case, that doesn’t work, try to add the game as a Firewall exception and reconnect LoL. Also, you can try to reinstall the game using Hextech. 

2. Error Code 004: If the client fails to repair the game. Here is how you can fix League of Legends error code 004.

Fix: Failed to install or download an update means, there is a connection-related issue or your system doesn’t have sufficient disk space. So, make sure your internet connection is stable and the system has sufficient space on the hard drive.

3. Error Code 7: This error shows the developers’ servers are overloaded. 

Fix: Because this is the main server-related problem, you can only do to keep trying to log in. Also, keep on checking the official Twitter handle for the latest updates.

4. Error 1B: Usually, this error occurs due to ISP problems and because of this error, players are not able to log into the game. 

Fix: To fix this issue, you can try to run the game client on administrative mode. If that doesn’t work, you can also try to repair League client.

5. Error: 0xc0000005: The main reason for this error code to happen is still unknown but when this error occurs, players are not able to log in to the game.

Fix: Try to run the client in admin mode. Also, you can try to delete all the LoL-related files and then reinstall the game.

6. Unknown direct X error: It happens at the time of graphical instabilities and because of this error, players are not able to launch the game.

Fix: First of all, try to update the graphics drivers. Then delete the game.cfg file and the issue should be resolved.

7. Error Code 002: This error is quite similar to 004 and due to this error, players are not able to log into the game. 

Fix: Error code 002 is also a storage-related error so make sure your HDD has enough space. Also, you can try to turn off your antivirus.

8. d3dx9_43.dll is missing Error: Mostly, this error happens in the new computer system, and because of it, players can’t start a match.

Fix: Make sure to complete all the available Windows updates and then launch the game again. You can also try to install the game file through DirectX end-user runtime web installer.

That’s how you can address the most common error codes in League of Legends.

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