League of Legends Players Not Receiving Star Guardian Rewards – Issue Acknowledged

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the popular and widely played MOBA games. Released back in 2009, this game is still going strong and has become one of the largest esports games in the world. But that doesn’t mean this game is immune to issues and bugs. Many players have been reporting several issues with the game such as challenges glitched or tracking not correct, reconnect loop issues, and more.

In addition to these issues, many players are now experiencing an issue where they are not able to claim or receive the rewards for the Star Guardian Chapter 3.

This issue has started appearing in the last few days and so players are really frustrated. According to multiple reports, players have already claimed both the tokens and the orb, but still, their inventory shows 0 orbs.

This issue especially occurs when the players complete the Star Guardian Chapter 3. Even after completing the main story, some players still don’t have Fiddlesticks’ emote or the tokens.

Many annoyed players have raised their complaints on Twitter and Reddit regarding the “Star Guardian rewards” issue. Thankfully, Riot Games have acknowledged this issue and has confirmed that their team is currently working on it to resolve the matter.

So hopefully, the technical team will resolve the issue very soon.

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