League of Legends Challenges Glitched or Tracking Not Correct – Issue Acknowledged

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League of Legends, one of the popular multiplayer online battle arena games, is smooth to run on most gaming consoles and PCs today. And that is the reason why this game has successfully reached millions of players around the world but still, this game has several bugs and issues including unable to connect to authentication server error or legends Mac users are unable to login. However, recently players are experiencing two major issues with the game

– According to several recent reports, mastery tracking isn’t working properly in League of Legends during challenges. Players are complaining about the following issues with the tracking system.

1. The challenges are not tracking correctly

2. Some of the challenges are glitched 

3. Players need to put some way to track down and target some challenges

– Another issue is that the game is not recognizing all champions correctly unlocked by players. Due to this problem, multiple challenges are not yet available to them.

Because of all of these issues, players are frustrated as the incorrect tracking system ruins the real fun of the game.

Thankfully, The Riot Games has acknowledged these ongoing issues with the mastery tracking system.

As you can see in the above link, they have officially acknowledged this issue on their Twitter page and said – “This should be solved after a few games are played on the account. If playing games doesn’t solve the issue, please submit a ticket here:https://riot.com/3b4O2iy”.

There is another issue reported by many players where the game doesn’t recognize all the players’ champions. However, there is a temporary solution which you can try to fix this issue.

When your challenges don’t recognize correctly your champion collection, then wait for about 15 minutes and try to log in again to the client and the issue will get fixed.

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