How to Permanently Remove/Uninstall League of Legends from Windows and Mac

How to Permanently RemoveUninstall League of Legends from Windows and Mac

League of Legends is a popular online multiplayer game by Riot Games. Fans of LoL will never want to uninstall or remove this game from their system but due to some technical issues or crashing and not loading issues, you will need to uninstall the game completely to reinstall the game. Installing and launching the game is pretty easy but uninstalling process is quite tricky and so here we have come up with a complete yet easy guide on how to permanently remove or uninstall League of Legends from Windows and Mac. 

Uninstalling League of Legends from WINDOWS Permanently

League of Legends doesn’t provide uninstall option from the menu, you will have to navigate through the Windows panels in order to uninstall the game permanently from Windows. Here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Open the Start menu

2. Type “Control Panel”

3. Select “Apps and feature”

4. From the list, find out “League of Legends”

5. Right-click on it and select Uninstall or Remove and the game will be deleted permanently from the Windows

Uninstalling League of Legends from MAC Permanently

Go through the following easy steps to uninstall “League of Legends” permanently from Mac

1. First of all, quit the game from the dock and then click on Apple Menu

2. Select Force Quit Riot Client

3. Navigate to the Application folder and go to the League of Legends

4. Click and hold the game and move it to the trash icon (you will see the trash icon on the bottom left side of the corner). Or you can also right-click on League of Legends and select “Move to Trash”

5. Once moved the game to the trash, click on the Empty Trash

If you still want to remove all the LoL related files, you can use a third-party app like PowerMyMac to smartly clean up and optimize your system. 

That’s how you can permanently remove or uninstall League of Legends from Windows and Mac.

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