How to Get Oxygen in Icarus

How to Get Oxygen in Icarus

To survive throughout the game, you will simply need three main things: Food, Water, and Oxygen. All of these stats will be depleted over time when you are out exploring the world. Since the air of the planet is unbreathable, you should know how to get Oxygen in Icarus. Also, if your Oxygen meter will be empty, you will be unconscious and also die if your teammate won’t help you. Go through the below guide to know how to regain Oxygen in Icarus.

Regaining Oxygen in Icarus

There are certain methods to get Oxygen in Icarus. But, first of all, you simply need to find out Oxite which is a blue mineral. They are available in small or big blue stones. You can easily pick up small-sized stones but you will require a pickaxe to gather Oxite from the large-sized stones. Make sure to collect Oxite from large stones as they offer more Oxite than the smaller ones.

You can find this item in mineable nodes or small pickups. You can directly consume Oxite from the inventory that gives you Oxygen or you can also keep it into the Oxygen slot that will keep giving you Oxygen slowly. Here is how both of these methods to get Oxygen in Icarus.

Oxidizer: This is a tier 1 crafting item that deflates Oxite into Oxygen. Fill up Oxidizer with Oxite and press the F key to fill up your meter.

Oxite Dissolver: Another best tool to get Oxygen is to craft the Oxite Dissolver. You will need to combine this tool with the Oxygen Bladders. After crafting an Oxite Dissolver, fill it up with Oxite and connect it with the Oxygen Bladders so this tool can be filled up with Oxygen. You can also disconnect Oxygen Bladder from the Oxite Dissolver to get portable air on the go.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Oxygen in Icarus.

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