How to Fix War Thunder Not Enough Memory Error

How to Fix War Thunder Not Enough Memory Error

War Thunder is one of the widely played vehicular combat games. There are a lot of other similar games on the internet but nothing can beat this game’s awesomeness. But, some of the players receive a “Not enough memory” error. That is an extremely annoying issue and you are certainly not alone as many players around the world are experiencing the same issue. But the good news is, there is a solution suggested by the developer which you can also try to fix War Thunder not enough memory error. Also, we have provided some additional workarounds which may help to fix the issue. Go through the following guide to know about the solutions.

Fixing War Thunder Not Enough Memory Error

Not Enough Memory issue in War Thunder is caused by a lack of RAM which is necessary for a stable game client workflow. According to the developer of this game, Gaijin Entertainment, you’ll need to change the virtual memory paging file size. Here is how you can do it:

Before you start this process, make sure to log in as an administrator. If your PC is connected to a network, some network policy settings may prevent you from finishing the following process. 

1. Click on Start and open Control Panel

2. Go to the Performance & Maintenance and then click on System

3. Go to the Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance

4. On the same Advanced tab, click on Change under Virtual memory

5. Next, click on the drive that has the paging file size for the selected drive, click on System Managed Size, and hit Set. In case, this option was not previously flagged, reboot the PC once you flag it

If this solution suggested by devs doesn’t work, then also try the following workarounds:

1. Close all background processes: Sometimes, applications such as Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, or Cloud Storage may use higher RAM on the PC and so it creates not enough memory error while playing any game. So, it is recommended to close all the background applications and then try to launch the game again.

2. Perform a clean boot: A clean boot of your system is also one of the best solutions if the program doesn’t run or launch properly on the PC. So, perform a clean boot and the issue should be resolved.

That’s it for this guide on how to fix War Thunder not enough memory error. Also do not miss to check our next guide: How to fix FIFA 22: Error connecting to the Ultimate Team Servers.

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