How to Fix Valorant Freezing Mid-Game 2022

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Valorant was released in June 2020 for Microsoft Windows and since then, the game has gained a massive fan base. However, like other popular and massive games, Valorant players have been experiencing various bugs and issues including voice chat not working or Valorant error code 57. Although the devs always try their best to avoid these problems, some issues happen over time. Recently, many players are experiencing freezing and lagging issues mid-game while enjoying Valorant. If you are also running into the same issue, worry not, and try out the following workarounds to fix this issue.

Fixing Valorant Freezing Mid-Game 2022

Here we have covered all potential workarounds to fix Valorant mid-game freezing issue in 2022. Try out these solutions and get rid of this error code to enjoy the game smoothly.

Make Sure to Have Minimum System Requirements

Valorant is a massive game and so it will not run properly on the PC unless you have certain specifications and a high-end system. So, first of all, make sure your system has minimum system requirements to play the game smoothly.

Clear Out the Taskbar While Playing the Game

If any other apps are running in the background, Valorant will start crashing or freezing mid-game while playing. Since Valorant is a massive game, it requires sufficient space to run properly. So, simply clear out the taskbar while playing Valorant and the issue will be fixed. Make sure to restart the game after clearing the taskbar.

Update Graphic Card Driver

In addition, you also need to check your graphic card drivers. Make sure to keep them updated whenever required. If the version is outdated, it will cause the freezing Valorant.

Check the Graphics Settings

If you are still having the same issue, the next solution is to lower the graphics settings in the game. If you are playing the game in high-resolution, it can cause freezing or lagging issues mid-game while playing Valorant. Go to the in-game settings tab and change the graphic settings. It is quite easy.

Check the Temperature of the PC

If the CPU of your desktop or laptop is overheated, the game will start lagging or freezing mid-game. If you notice your computer has been warmer, quit out the game for some time and then try again after some time when your PC will cool down.

That’s all – These are some of the best and potential workarounds to fix the mid-game freezing issue in Valorant 2022.

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