How to Fix the Roblox Mobile Camera Bug

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Roblox is a great gaming platform where players around the world can jump in and out of the different virtual worlds and they can enjoy any game created by other players. Roblox is packed with countless genres and titles. Unfortunately, like another popular gaming platform, Roblox also has several bugs and glitches. One of the major issues of this gaming platform is the mobile camera direction bug. Many players are complaining, the camera freezes in between the game. If you are experiencing the same issue, here is how you can fix it.

Fixing the Roblox Mobile Camera Bug

Many players have noticed that the mobile camera direction bug happens particularly when they touch the screen with 3 fingers. And when the bug triggers, the camera is stuck in one particular direction. Although you can still move around your character, it is quite frustrating as you won’t be able to move your camera. Thankfully, there is a trick to get rid of this issue.

1. The best solution is to change the movement from default to classic. Once you change it to classic, you will be able to join the game again without any issues. Most of the players have fixed this issue with this method so even you can give it a try.

2. In case that doesn’t work, then there are some issues in the version of the server. So, try to join another server and check, and the issue should be resolved.

3. If that doesn’t work too, then the version of your Roblox must be outdated so simply update it to the latest version and check if the issue persists. To update, go to the app store and update the Roblox app.

That’s all you can do to fix the Roblox mobile camera bug.

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