How to Fix Saints Row Co-Op Error Host is Busy and Waiting for Player

Saints Row

Saints Row is the latest action-adventure game. This is an incredibly great game but it seems that the game is suffering from several bugs and issues like crashes, won’t start, hangs no in-game sound, and more. Lately, errors like “Host is busy” and “Waiting for player” appear and ruin the overall fun of the game. Mainly, this issue is triggered when there are pending actions on the multiplayer side. Thankfully, we have a few potential solutions to fix this issue where players are seeing co-op errors “Host is busy” and “Waiting for player” in Saints Row.

Fixing Saints Row Co-Op Error Host is Busy and Waiting for Player

Co-op errors are common in online games There are multiple methods you can try if you want to get rid of “Host is busy” and “waiting for player” co-op errors in Saints Row.

1. Accept End User License Agreement (EULA)

First of all, make sure both of the players have accepted the EULA agreement which is mandatory to play co-op mode in Saints Row. To do so:

– Open up the pause menu of the game and then click on the EULA option

– Ensure to read the document before clicking on accept

– The same thing must be done by your gaming partner also

2. Join From the Main Menu of the Game

Some players have fixed the issue by joining from the main menu of the game. Here is what you need to do:

– All gamers need to come to the main menu of the game

– The host will commence a co-op match and wait until the game loads properly

– Once it is loaded, the host needs to send invites to other games

– Other gamers will accept the invites and join the match

3. Disable VPN Service

If you are using any VPN services to play online games like Saints Row, sometimes, it may interrupt the game from loading smoothly. In that case, make sure to disable or remove VPN services and then try to join a co-op session.

4. Simply Restart the Game

Sometimes, the issue occurs due to some technical glitches which are common in online games. If this is the case, simply close down the game and restart it again. Besides, also ask other gamers to restart their game.

5. Check Your Internet Connection

To play massive games like Saints Row, it is vital to have a fast and stable internet connection. So, the next method is to check if your internet connection is proper and working fine. You can also close other ongoing updates.

6. Update the Game

Saints Row is a pretty new game and so some bugs and issues are expected so devs always release a new patch to fix the issues. So, make sure you are playing an updated game version.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix the Saints Row co-op error host is busy and waiting for the player issue.

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