How to Fix PS5 CE-118878-3 Error Code

How to Fix PlayStation 5 (PS5) Stuck in Safe Mode

The PlayStation 5 or PS5 is truly a great next-gen gaming console. But like other gaming platforms, it also has several bugs and glitches. Recently, many users are running into an error code CE-118878-3. This particular issue happens when players attempt to download content. According to multiple reports, this error code comes up mostly on MK11, Watchdogs, Far Cry, FIFA, and other games. Many users around the world are struggling to find out the best solution. If you have the same issue, here we have provided some of the best and potential workarounds to fix the CE-118878-3 error code on PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Fixing PS5 CE-118878-3 Error Code

At the time of writing this post, Sony has not yet listed this issue on their support pages and so users are frustrated. However, Sony’s support page has provided some tactics to fix PlayStation 5 CE-118878-3 error code.

Try to rebuild the database 

One of the first things you should try is to rebuild the database. Here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Restart your PS5 and run in the Safe Mode. For this, switch it off completely and then press and hold down the power button until you hear two beeps. Then release its power button. Connect the controller through USB and then press the PlayStation button on your controller.

2. Once you’re in Safe Mode, select Option number 5 – Clear Cache and Rebuild Database.

3. Select Rebuild Database and the scan will start on your drive.  

Make sure the region is compatible with the PSN network

If the above tactic doesn’t work, then make sure the region you have selected is linked with the PSN network. If it is from another region, you may face the PS5 CE-118878-3 error code.

Regrettably, after performing these steps, many users are still facing the same error code CE-118878-3 on their PS5. In that case, you can also try the next method to fix the issue.

Transfer your game file

The last resort to fix the PS5 CE-118878-3 error code is to transfer your game file. That means, if your game file is saved in the external hard drive, then transfer it to the internal drive and vice versa and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Up to now, these are the only solutions to fix the PS5 CE-118878-3 error code.

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