How to Fix Propnight FPS Issue

How to Fix Propnight FPS issue

Propnight is one of the latest horror-survival multiplayer games. This game can be played as a survivor or killer. This game has already earned many positive reviews from players around the world. FPS plays a very important tole in massive online games. The higher number you select, the smoother and faster your display quality and the viewing experience will be. However, some players are having an FPS-related issue while playing Propnight. Are you also experiencing the same FPS (Frame Per Second) issue while playing Propnight? Go through the following guide and learn how to fix this issue.

How to Fix Propnight FPS issue

The devs team has been releasing new updates and patches continuously to fix several issues occurring while playing the game but this new issue is troubling many players and so they have no idea what to do. Go through the following methods to fix Propnight FPS issue.

Change FPS Cap manually

1. Open the Run window by pressing Win + R keys, type “GameUserSettings” and press enter. Or you can also follow this patch – AppData / Local / Propnight / Saved / Config / WindowsNoEditor / GameUserSettings.

2. Open up “GameUserSettings” and edit the “FrameRateLimit” to your preferred FPS cap. For example: FrameRateLimit = 170.000000

3. Once done, save changes

4. Launch the game and the FPS cap will be updated

Verify game integrity files

By verifying game integrity files, it will scan all the files and fix any missing or corrupted files. Here is the path to follow:

Steam >> Library >> Propnight >> Properties >> Local Files tab >> Verify integrity of game files

It may take some time to scan but eventually, it will fix the issue.

Contact the official support

If nothing helps and still you are having the same problem, you can contact the official support team. Contact them and share the details, they’ll surely help you out to fix FPS issues in Propnight.

That’s it! Hope this guide helped you to fix the FPS issue in Propnight.

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