How to Fix Oversaturated Colors in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal

Along with mobile, Diablo Immortal is also available on PC. However, developers have declared that the PC version is still considering beta so some issues are expected as the game is just released. Recently, many players are complaining about the oversaturated colors in Diablo Immortal. In online games, color saturation refers to the color intensity of an image. As it increases, the colors become purer and when it decreases, the colors pale or wash out. If you are facing the same issue in Diablo Immortal, here is how you can fix it.

Fixing Oversaturated Colors in Diablo Immortal

If you are experiencing oversaturated colors in Diablo Immortal, it happens actually due to a bug and we can’t say the root cause of this issue. But still, there are a few workarounds you can try to fix the oversaturated colors issue in Diablo Immortal.

Many players say this is a resolution-related issue. It occurs particularly on those monitors that have more than 1080p resolution. Players who have 1080p don’t have the oversaturated issues in Diablo Immortal.

If you are using an HDR monitor, that can also create such resolution-related issues. Many players have fixed this issue by disabling HDR. If you have enabled HDR, then here is how you can disable it.

1. Right-click on your desktop

2. From the list, select “Display settings”

3. Now, click on “Windows HD Color settings” in the opened window

4. Select a display with HDR

5. Turn off all HDR options

Once done, restart your PC and launch the game again and the issue should be fixed. But remember, this option will completely disable the HDR feature for other things on your PC. So, if you don’t want to mess up things, then wait until the developers will fix this issue.

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