How to Fix MultiVersus Error 30005


MultiVersus is the latest free-to-play crossover fighting game published by Warner Bros. Undeniably, MultiVersus is an incredibly refreshing game and so many players around the world have already jumped into this new smash-bros-like fighter. However, the game is still in the early beta phase and so some bugs and issues are expected. Recently, many players are running into an error code 30005. This particular error is caused by a malfunction of the game’s anti-cheat tool. If you are facing the same error code, don’t worry! Check out the below guide and learn how to fix MultiVersus error 30005.

Fixing MultiVersus Error 30005 

It seems, that only PC users are having error 30005 in MultiVersus. It occurs due to a bug in the anti-cheat tool which is incorporated in MultiVersus. Thankfully, there is a solution to fix this issue.

You are encountering error code 30005 in MultiVersus due to corrupted files and so the issue can be resolved by going through the Steam library.

Here are some simple steps to follow to fix MultiVersus error 30005.

– Right-click on MultiVersus

– Go to Local Files

– Click on “Verify Integrity” of game files

– Wait for some time until the process completes 

– Lastly, restart your PC and relaunch the game

After performing these steps, you will not see error code 30005 while playing MultiVersus.

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