How to Fix Minecraft Multiplayer Not Working Issue

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If you want to enjoy the Minecraft game to the fullest, then you need to play it with your friends but it is quite frustrating when you are not able to play or access the multiplayer feature due to some issues. Recently, many players are having issues while joining a multiplayer session in Minecraft. If you have the same issue and are wondering how to fix it, you are here at the right place. In this guide, we have covered all the potential solutions to fix the multiplayer not working issue in Minecraft.

Fixing Minecraft Multiplayer Not Working Issue

If you are not able to use the multiplayer feature in Minecraft, there are possibly several methods you can try to get rid of this issue. Here we have covered all the potential solutions for you, so, just go through them one by one until the issue gets resolved.

Make Sure Multiplayer is Enabled

Sometimes, if you have not enabled multiplayer settings in the game, you won’t be able to play it. So, first of all enable multiplayer features in the settings and try. Here is how you can enable it.

1. Open up Minecraft and find out the world you want to play in multiplayer.

2. Then in the chosen world, you will see a pencil symbol which is an edit button. Press on it.

3. In the Settings, you need to make sure you have enabled “Multiplayer Game”.

4. Once done, you will be able to play multiplayer in Minecraft.

Check Out Your Microsoft Account Settings

If the above solution doesn’t work, the next thing you can try is to check out your Microsoft account settings. Sometimes, a Microsoft account prevents you from playing your game online.

– First of all, ensure to have an active subscription (Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus) to play the game online. If you don’t have any of these subscriptions, you won’t be able to play multiplayer online.

– If you already have it, then check your Microsoft account “Privacy Settings” and check if it is preventing you from accessing multiplayer games. Check if the setting is not set under 18s as parental control can block you and so you won’t be able to play Multiplayer.

Other Possible Fixes

The above two solutions are the most common methods to fix if Minecraft multiplayer is not a working issue. But in some other cases, you can also try the following methods to fix it.

– If you are using a VPN service, then try to switch it off and then attempt to access Multiplayer.

– In addition, make sure an anti-virus or firewall is not blocking your game.

– Try to log out of your account and then log back in to refresh your internet connection to the Minecraft servers.

– If you have already tried the above solutions, and still if you can’t use Multiplayer in Minecraft, then the last resort is to contact the Minecraft Support team for further help.

That’s everything you can do to fix the multiplayer not working issue in Minecraft.

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