How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 0 An Unexpected Error Occurred and The Game Has Crashed Error

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Developed and published by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is a popular open-ended game where players can decide what adventure they want to take. However, with every new update, this game is bound to receive certain new glitches or bugs that accompany them such as the installer not working, RemoteConnect error, and many others. In addition to these errors, many players are running into an Exit Code 0 error. The exact error reads – “Exit Code 0 – An unexpected error occurred and the game has crashed”. If you are facing the same issue, here is how you can fix it.

Fixing Minecraft Exit Code 0 An Unexpected Error Occurred and The Game Has Crashed Error 

In Minecraft, Exit Code 0 specified that you have exited from the game while you are in the middle of the gameplay. There are several reasons for this issue to occur and so we can’t say exactly how it happens. Well, there are a few things you can try to fix Minecraft Exit Code 0.

Before we start addressing the solutions, make sure you have the updated software to the latest version on your computer, and also make sure to update Minecraft.

Close Other Program/Software

Sometimes some software or programs are responsible and prevent the game from running correctly. The technical team has released a list of software which are not compatible with the game. You can check here.

So, if you have any of these programs, just make sure to close down them before launching the game.

Update Java

If the Java is outdated, it may cause such errors. So, Mojang has recommended keeping Java up to date. It can solve many other minor issues if you will keep Java up-to-date. In addition, many players have solved Exit Code 0 by simply updating Java.

Check your Graphics Driver

Some players have solved this issue by simply updating their graphics drivers. If the graphics drivers are broken or out-of-date, it could create an issue. So, try to update your graphics driver and the issue should be resolved.

Disable or Remove Incompatible Mods

One of the best parts of Minecraft is that the players can use mods in the game. However, sometimes these modes can cause Exit Error 0. So, try to remove or disable any mods you are using and check whether or not the issue is solved.

Reinstall the Game

If nothing works, then the last best resort is to delete the game completely and then reinstall it but make sure to back up your .minecraft folder so that you won’t lose your world.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Minecraft Exit Code 0 an unexpected error occurred and the game has crashed error.

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