How to Fix Fortnite Matchmaking Error

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Fortnite is the perfect fusion of building and shooting that is unlike anything else in competitive games. Thanks to its outstanding building mechanic, it is by far one of the best battle royale games. But still, like other massive titles, this game also has several bugs and issues such as voice chat and game chat issues in Chapter 3 Season 2, or server not responding error. However, many players are running into a matchmaking error. This particular error triggers when attempting to enter a lobby in the battle royale mode. In this guide, we have discussed several solutions to fix Fortnite matchmaking errors.

Fixing Fortnite Matchmaking Error

Matchmaking error in Fortnite occurs due to some issues on your end or sometimes, it can also occur if the devs are doing some process on their end. Either way, there are certain things you can attempt to fix the issue.

1. One of the first workarounds you can try is to check if the main servers are up and working fine. In case, the servers are down, then wait for some time until they are back online and the issue will get resolved automatically.

2. Next thing you can try is to check the official Twitter page and see if the devs are tweaking any matchmaking. You will get to know about it on their status. If there are some issues on the dev’s side, you can’t do anything in that case.

3. Besides, also check if the date and time are set correctly as it can also cause matchmaking errors in Fortnite. 

4. If you are playing Fortnite on your cell phone, make sure to turn off Developer Options in the settings. 

5. In addition, simply restart the game and check if the error is gone or not.

6. Lastly, try to change the matchmaking region. For this: Open up the in-game menu, go to Settings and click on the gear icon from here, you can change the matchmaking zone.

If the above solutions don’t work, the last resort is to contact the Epic Games support team and they will help you out to fix this error.

That’s all you can do to fix matchmaking errors in Fortnite.

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