How to Fix Discord Unmute Error

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Discord is one of the most widely used free video, text chat, and voice specially designed for gamers so that they can communicate with each other. But unfortunately, it has its share of issues, errors, and bugs such as API outage or RTC connecting issues, and others. Recently, many players are complaining that they are not able to talk to anyone or can’t respond to them. The exact issue is when players enter a voice channel on Discord, they receive an error –You cannot unmute yourself while attempting to communicate in the chat. Because of this issue, you can’t chat with anyone or respond to them. If you are facing the same issue, here is how you can fix it. Let’s learn how to fix the Discord unmute error.

Fixing Discord Unmute Error

It is quite frustrating when all other players can talk on Discord except you and due to this issue, you are unable to communicate in the chat as well as respond to any of them. Thankfully, there are certain workarounds you can try to get rid of this issue.

Check in Voice Channel Settings

Before you try anything to fix unmute errors on Discord, check your voice channel settings. Some servers may require you to enter your voice channel and also force you to utilize the push-to-talk function. If you won’t use the push-to-talk function on Discord, you won’t be able to talk on a channel.

So, go to your User Settings from your profile and then scroll down to Voice and Video under the Application Settings. And from here you can toggle from Voice Activity to Push-to-Talk and after that, you will be able to speak after clicking your selected Push-to-Talk key.

Close Other Applications

If you are using any other app to sync with your microphone settings, you might receive an unmute error in Discord. In that case, try to close down these applications or simply turn off the microphone settings.

Microphone Issues

One of the common issues is that if your headset is not plugged in correctly or if it is not being picked up on Discord, you may face such issues. If you don’t have any settings for the microphone, Discord will mute you. So, it is recommended to shut down Discord, mess up your microphone settings after unplugging it, and then re-plug it. Once done, check if the issue is resolved or not.  

Reach Out to The Discord Admin Users

The next solution is to check in the Discord users in the channel you are visiting and test if they have muted you. There could be various reasons why they do this so it is advisable to speak directly with them. There are several methods to unmute yourself in Discord but the main issue could be with your microphone settings. It is recommended to test it in another voice app before you buy another headset.

That’s how you can unmute yourself in Discord and fix the issue

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