How to Fix Diablo Immortal Can’t Attack Bug

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is the spin-off of the legendary action role-playing game series Diablo. This free-to-play game is now available to play in the open beta phase. Since the game is in a trial period, there are several bugs and issues expected. Recently, many players are experiencing a can’t attack bug. This is a quite irritating bug as it comes in the middle of a boss fight or when they are surrounded by enemies. And because of this bug, players are unable to defend themselves. If you are also suffering from the same issue, here is how you can fix Diablo Immortal can’t attack bug.

Fixing Diablo Immortal Can’t Attack Bug

Developers have not yet said anything on this issue and so we don’t have a hotfix to resolve the can’t attack bug in Diablo Immortal but still, many players have tried and tested several potential workarounds to fix this issue in Diablo Immortal.

1. Firstly, simply restart the game and check if the issue is resolved with this simple method or not.

2. Next try to replace any channeling skills from your character or solely don’t use them. However, it is not recommended as sometimes, it is the most enjoyable and strongest skill for your character.

3. It appears that the same channeling ability that was likely to be the trigger for the bug becomes available for some players to use again after a few seconds, and maybe a way to regain control of your character.

Otherwise, your best bet is to keep moving as far as you can to avoid any incoming damage and withdraw from the fight if you have the option. If everything else fails, you can never go wrong with mashing up the keyboard a bit.

So far, these are the only solutions to fix Diablo Immortal can’t attack bug.

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