How to Fix Apex Legends Has Been Hacked Issue

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Apex Legends is one of the popular battle royal shooter games. It is free to play and you can download and play on several gaming platforms from mobile to console. However, nowadays many players are not happy with the game as they are receiving different types of error messages including “Sorry, you are not eligible to participate in this event”. Many players are now receiving a weird error message that reads – ‘SAVETITANFALL.COM’ when they launch the game. Earlier in July 2021, the servers of Apex Legends were hacked and players were receiving error message SAVETITANFALLS.COM at the time of launching the game. Due to this hacking problem, players were not able to access anything in the game. Are you suffering from the same error message now? Don’t worry – Check out the below guide.

Fixing Apex Legends Has Been Hacked Issue

In 2022, if you are having a similar issue, here is how you can fix the problem if your Apex Legends has been hacked. The simple solution is to change the “Data Center” of your game which you can do it pretty easily and quickly.

1. Open up Apex Legends on your device

2. Now, DO NOT click on “Continue”. Instead, click on Data Center below it

3. A new screen will be opened, here you will see several options of data centers

4. Click on any other data center within your current location.

5. Once done, relaunch the game and the issue should be resolved

Hopefully, after performing these easy steps, you will be able to play the game without any issues. 

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix Apex Legends has been hacked issue.

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