How to Craft Sateen in New World

New World - How to Farm Sateen

Crafting is one of the huge parts of New World and there are numerous different types of items to craft, including furniture, potions, and armor. One of the essential materials in New World is Sateen which is required to craft some of the engineering items, steel armor, and much more. It is the Tier 3 crafting recipe from Weaving professional in this game. Let’s learn the entire process of how to craft Sateen in New World.

How to Craft Sateen in New World

First of all, you must have Weaving Level 20 or you won’t be able to craft this item. Also, it requires Tier 2 Loom (also called refining station) or higher. The Looms are required to craft any sort of cloth and you can find them on the map. It looks like a vertical lined house.

Now, in order to start crafting Sateen, you will also need some more items:

– 3 Linen

– 1 Solvent

If you have no idea how to get Linen and Solvent to craft Sateen, here we present you with a quick guide on it.

How to Get Linen in New World

The linen can also be crafted in a refining station. To make Linen, you will only need 4 Fibers to create 1 Linen, which is very easy. You’ll need to collect Hemp Plants in the Forest and Grasslands area in the open world.

How to Get Solvent in New World

Since you only need 1 Solvent to craft Sateen, it is advisable to collect as much as possible. Because you will be needed Solvent to craft other refining recipes when you progress in the game. You can find Solvent in containers and crates placed throughout the open world.

Make sure to check every container that comes in your way so that you can collect many.

Once you collect both of these important materials, you can then easily craft Sateen in New World.

That’s all for this guide on How to craft Sateen in New World.

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