Hard West 2: No Damage Taken + All Objective Complete Playthrough Guide

Hard West 2


In this guide I will show you how to complete all the objectives and also how to avoid taking damage from enemies.
If you liek this you can aslo check out my channel Sampstra Games, where i will also make othe rguides and tips and tricks for this game (like this 1 minute video explaining what difficulty you should play).

Mission 1 Daredevils (Nightmare Difficulty) (Train Mission)

The most important thing in this mission is to understand the Mammon trick.

Mission 2 Fooling The Hangman (Hard Difficulty) (Laughing Deer Mission)

Currently the video here is from my let’s play of the demo, where I did this without taking any damage on Hard difficulty. My video for how to do this on Nightmare difficulty in the full release is coming soon.

Mission 3 Blasting Out (Hard Difficulty) (Blue Dynamite Mission)

This one is from the demo on hard difficulty.

Guide by: Sampstra Games

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