Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Visor Not Aligned Issue Acknowledges

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Halo Infinite is one of the popular FPS games by 343 industries. This game offers an incredible next gen gaming experience across all gaming platforms with 4K graphics and tremendous sounds. Since, this is a new game, there are several mechanics and elements need to be tweaked through the new updates and patches.

Since last few days, players are complaining several problems related to this game such as memory leak issues and Big Team Battle not working issues.   

However, this game never misses to bring new content constantly for its players. In the month of January, Halo Infinite has challenged players with the Cyber Showdown Spartans event. There are a lot of new customization items have been incorporated including Holographic Visor but players are not happy with that.

According to multiple reports, this particular item needs some visual adjustments. Players say, it is not centered or aligned well on the head of the character and so it looks weird. Players say, Cyber Showdown Visor is really a cool concept and they loved the designed but the only problem is, its effect is so painfully crooked.

Thankfully, the technical team has acknowledged this issue but unfortunately, they are not going to solve it soon as the team is not prioritizing the alignment of a visor.

So, we can’t expect the solution of this issue soon. Hopefully, the issue will get resolved in the upcoming Season 2 update which is expecting in the month of May. On the brighter side, this is the minor issue and it is really not going to affect the overall gameplay. Here is our next guide: How to fix Halo Infinite Big Team Battle not working issue.

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