Forza Horizon 5 Secret Santa Challenge: Gifts Can’t Be Claimed or Disappear Due to Bug

Forza Horizon 5 Secret Santa Challenge Gifts Can’t Be Claimed or Disappear Due to Bug

The Forza Horizon 5 has unlocked one of two gifts for the Horizon Secret Santa Challenge in which the entire community could take part. This challenge offers several gift drops or gift Forzathon shop items that include legendary mystery cars. This challenge has been running since Dec. 2021 and will run till 6th January 2022.

Secret Santa Challenge is exclusively designed for Christmas eve and it is entirely based on gifting cars to other players so they can achieve a goal that will unlock a special car.

But, according to multiple reports from around the world, players are not able to claim the gift cars, while some players complain, they are missing or not working properly.

However, players are receiving notifications stating, they got a gift but when they attempt to find it, they disappear. They should get these gift cards when they reach some locations on the map. It is frustrating, as players put in a lot of effort to complete these challenges and upon reaching there, they cannot find anything. Also, many players are not able to find their gifts even on their maps.

In the FH5 Secret Santa Challenge, by giving enough cars, other players can receive a special car which you can check on the progress bar. When you gift more and more cars, the progress bar fills up. But, due to a bug, these gifts are not received accurately and so other players are not able to receive a special car.

At the time of writing this, we do not have any official acknowledgment from the Playground Games, the developers of this game.

Hopefully, they will acknowledge this bug soon and release a new patch with a fix.

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