Fortnite Supply Llama Challenges Glitched or Not Tracking – Issue Yet to Acknowledge

Fix the “Failed to query for tournament rules” Error in Fortnite

Fortnite is certainly the perfect blend of shooting and building that is unlike anything else in competitive gaming. Every week, developers of Fortnite release a new Season challenge that allows players to earn some extra XP so that they can complete Battle Pass quickly.

One of the latest challenges in Fortnite is the Supply Llama challenge. It is live now and available for PlayStation users exclusively and allows players to access several cosmetics and in-game goodies. 

But according to multiple reports, the tracking system of Supply Llama is glitched or not working at all. Because of this issue, many players are wondering whether or not they’ll be able to access the second phase of the challenge and collect its rewards.

 To get rid of this problem, many players have already tried some generic workarounds such as restarting their gaming system, verifying game files, and logging out and logging into their Fortnite accounts but nothing helps.

This issue is ongoing and widespread but still, developers have not acknowledged this issue officially. But hopefully, they will come out soon to confirm the issue and find out the solution as early as possible.

That’s all for the update on Fortnite Supply Llama challenges glitched or not tracking issue.

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