Fortnite Low Mesh Settings Not Working – Epic Games Confirmed

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Fortnite is one of the widely played battle royal games by Epic Games. The developer has recently released Chapter 3 Season 2 with several new contents. But it seems, this new update has brought several bugs and issues including creative not working or low vending machine spawn rate issue, and more.

Adding to these issues, many Fortnite players are now saying, in performance mode, the low mesh setting isn’t working. Some players say, they set the mesh to low quality but it still continues set to high.

If you don’t know about mesh settings, it is one of the settings in Fortnite that provides a better output when you set it ON in the performance mode. But due to this bug, the mesh settings are not working at all.

Because of this bug, many players are facing FPS-related issues, especially those players who run this game on the performance mode with high frame rate. A few players have already tried several things that include editing in the MeshQuality in the ‘game user settings’ file but it is set to zero already.

It seems all of such issues have started occurring especially after the Chapter 3 Season 2 update.

Fortunately, Epic Games has acknowledged this issue on their officially Trello board and labeled this issue as ‘In development’. However, the ETA is not revealed by the developers but hopefully, we will have its hotfix very soon.

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