Fortnite Controller Starts Vibrating After Leaving Boat – Issue Acknowledged & Temporary Workaround

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Fortnite is not just an incredible battle royale game but it is one of the finest multiplayer games in recent history.

Developers never miss releasing new updates frequently to engage the fans of Fortnite. Recently, the company has released a new Chapter 3 Season 2 update. But unfortunately, this new update has brought several issues and bugs with it such as crew legacy set items not unlocking and an Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) error. That’s not enough and now recently many players are complaining that their controllers start vibrating constantly when they leave a boat. The vibrating issue doesn’t stop even after removing batteries and so players need to return to the lobby to get rid of this annoying issue. 

Thankfully, Epic Games is aware of this issue and they have acknowledged it officially on their Trello board.

As you can see, they are investigating this ongoing issue but they have not yet revealed ETA for the fix. But, they will solve it in the upcoming patch where controllers start vibrating after leaving a boat.

Meanwhile, you can try a temporary workaround which has been suggested by the devs team. 

A Temporary Workaround: When you face a controller vibrating issue in Fortnite, return to the driver’s seat of the boat and then the vibrating issue will be resolved even if you will leave the boat again.

In case, if that doesn’t work – don’t worry. The devs have already acknowledged the issue and they are investigating and will release a patch soon.

That’s all we have an update on the Fortnite controller starts vibrating after leaving the boat issue.Also check – How to fix Fortnite Easy Anti Cheat error (EAC) for chapter 3 season 2.

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