Fortnite: Blue Lobby Background Color – Bug Acknowledged & A Potential Workaround

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When we talk about the battle royale genre game, Fortnite comes at the top of the chart. Developed by Epic Games, this game has already generated over $ 5 billion in revenue as of 2021 and it has crossed more than 350 million players worldwide. But still, this game needs several improvements as many players have been suffering from the issues and bugs from day one such as voice chat and game chat issue in Chapter 3 Season 2 or Mobile 45 and 90 FPS is missing after the hotfix, etc. 

Now, many players are complaining about the new issue which is related to the background color of the lobby. In Fortnite, the lobby is the menu screen used for Battle Royal and Save the World. Usually, the background color of the lobby changes according to the map you are playing. But, many players are complaining that the background of the lobby is not loading correctly and players see only blue color.

Thankfully, Epic Games has acknowledged this issue on their official Trello board. But, they have not given any ETA when the issue will get resolved.

There is a potential workaround shared by the Epic Games itself. You only need to change the in-game language to Arabic and then switch it back to your original language. The solution is weird but the issue will get resolved as many players have tried this workaround.

So far, this is the only thing you can try to fix the blue lobby background color bug in Fortnite.

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