Fix V Rising Can’t Connect to Servers or Server Offline Error

V Rising

V Rising by Stunlock Studios is the latest vampire-centric MMORPG game. It is just released on May 17 for Windows but players are complaining about several bugs and issues with the game such as crashes, hangs, no in-game sound or clan is full error. That’s not enough and now many players are receiving “Can’t connect to servers” or “Server offline” errors. If you are in search of the fix V Rising server error, here we have covered multiple solutions to fix this annoying error.

Fixing V Rising Can’t Connect to Servers or Server Offline Error

There are several reasons why you are receiving the “V Rising can’t connect to servers” or “Server offline” error message that includes server outages, your device’s settings, firewalls, or poor internet connection. Thankfully, there are several methods to fix this error. 

Check the Current Server Status

The very first thing to do is to check the current server status but the problem is, that they don’t have their dedicated server status page. But, thankfully they update the status on their official Twitter page. If the servers are down due to whatever reason, wait until they are back online and the issue will get resolved automatically.

Check Your Internet Connection

If the servers are running fine, then check your internet connection. Make sure it doesn’t have any connection-related issues and the connection is stable. It is recommended to close down the programs, apps, or software you are not using. Also, you can disconnect other connections from your internet router.

Besides, try to restart your router or modem. To improve its stability, switch to a wired connection.

Add The Game to the White or Safe List

Sometimes, the firewall prevents the game from loading and running properly. If this is the case, you can add up the game to the safe or white list in your firewall. For this: 

1. Navigate to Start >> Settings >> Update & Security >> Windows Security >> Virus & Threat protection.

2. In the Virus & threat protection settings, select “Manage settings” and under Exclusions, select “Add or remove exclusions”.

3. Then select Add an exclusion, and browse and select the .exe file of the V Rising game.

If you have the third-party anti-virus, then you need to add the V Rising to the safe or white list or simply disable the software temporarily while playing the game.

That’s all we have to fix V Rising can’t connect to servers or server offline errors.

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