Fix Tower of Fantasy The Server Under Maintenance Error

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is the latest open-world MMORPG that allows players to explore an extensive sci-fi setting. Unfortunately, like other online games, Tower of Fantasy also has its fair share of issues and errors that prevent you from exploring the world. Recently, many players are experiencing “The server under maintenance error”. Players have already tried some generic workarounds but nothing worked. Thankfully, we have come across a few potential workarounds to fix ToF on the server under maintenance error.

Fixing Tower of Fantasy The Server Under Maintenance Error

At the time of writing this post, many players are seeing the “server under maintenance” error message. Well, if you are also getting this particular error message that means, the game has not been released in your region yet. So, you need to wait until the game finally launches in your region too.

To check the status of when the Tower of Fantasy will release in your region, you can check the official website of the game. The launching date and time are different in all regions. If you see the countdown ticking on its main page, that means the game is not yet released in your region.

Just in case, the game is already out in your region but still, you are seeing the “server under maintenance” error in Tower of Fantasy, then you need to restart your internet router/modem and then check if the error is gone or not.

That’s all we have to fix the Tower of Fantasy “The server under maintenance” error.

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