Fix The Wandering Village Crashes, Won’t Start, Hangs, Black Screen, No In-Game Sound, or Controller Not Working Issues

The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village has just been released on September 14, 2022 by Stray Fawn Studios. If you love to play in-depth city-building games, this game is just perfect for you! However, like all other massive titles, many players may encounter several issues with the game such as:

– Crashing, freezing, won’t start or crashing at Startup

– Black screen

– Not installing or game hangs

– No in-game sound

– Controller not working

If you are also facing any of these issues, keep this guide handy as we have covered all the possible solutions to fix these problems.

How to Fix The Wandering Village Crashes, Won’t Start, Hangs, Black Screen, No In-Game Sound, or Controller Not Working Issues.

Before we start addressing these issues, make sure to install and download the latest graphics card. There are always specially optimized drivers available for a particular game. You can check for the latest drivers on the official website of your graphics card manufacturer. Also, do not use the beta version as it may have several bugs and glitches.

After installing the latest graphics drivers, you may proceed to the following solutions to fix the above-mentioned issues.

Fix The Wandering Village Crashing, Freezing, Won’t Start or Crashing at Startup

If you have not installed the game properly, you may face such issues. Here is how you can fix this issue:

1. Make sure you have installed the game properly

2. Before installing the game, make sure you have sufficient space on the HDD so the game can be installed properly.

3. Try to run the game as an administrator in compatibility mode and the issue should be resolved

4. Try to play the game at the lowest settings, then you can increase it gradually and check if the issue is resolved or not

5. If any file got corrupted or missing, the game will start crashing. In that case, verifying the game files is the best solution. Open up the Epic Games store >> Library >> The Wandering Village. Then click on the 3 dots next to the title and select ‘Verify’

6. If you are playing this game on Windowed Borderless, then you can try to change it to Full-Screen Mode and vice versa.

7. Disable overlays and DirectX hooking software and then relaunch the game again 

8. Delete bad sectors from the HDD or SSD and then run the game

9. Perform a clean boot and close unnecessary applications. Once done, restart the system and launch the game 

10. In addition, you can try to update the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable on your Windows PC and check if the startup crashing and won’t start issue has been solved or not

11. You can delete the game completely and then install it again but make sure to disable antivirus before reinstalling the game

12. Whitelist The Wandering Village and Epic Games on antivirus software is also one of the best solutions. In case, your antivirus software is preventing your game from launching properly, the game will start crashing at startup and won’t launch. In this situation, you must provide a whitelist on your antivirus software.

Fix The Wandering Village Black Screen Issue

In case, your GPU has any issue, you will experience a black screen while playing the game.

1. First of all, make sure your video card is compatible with the game and it meets the minimum requirements

2. You can also try to update your drivers to the latest version

3. Attempt to switch to other Windows by pressing ALT + TAB and then relaunch the game, black screen issue should be resolved

Fix The Wandering Village Not Installing or Game Hangs Issue

If you don’t have sufficient space on your HDD, then the game won’t install properly, and eventually, the game will start hanging.

1. Make sure you have 1 to 2 GB of additional free space on the drive for temporary files after installing this massive game 

2. Additionally, check your internet connection and make sure it is working fine and stable

3. If nothing works, you can reinstall the game and make sure to disable antivirus while installing the game again

Fix The Wandering Village “No Sound” Issue

Many players don’t get sound while playing the game. Here is what you need to do.

1. First of all, make sure the sound is working in other games or apps

2. Next, make sure the sound is turned on in the game’s settings

3. Check if you have selected the correct audio playback device and well connected to your headset or speaker

4. If you’re using an external audio card, then make sure it is updated to the latest drivers

Fix The Wandering Village Controller Not Working Issue

In case there are some issues with the connection, then controllers won’t work or stop working while playing the game. In this situation, you can try the following workarounds.

1. Try to disable the gamepad

2. Check the batteries of your controller

3. Try to use different USB ports

4. If nothing works, try to unplug the controller and plug it again

That’s all you can do to fix The Wandering Village crashes, won’t start, hangs, black screen, no in-game sound, or controller not working issues.

Make sure to keep this guide handy so you can quickly fix these issues.

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