Fix Roblox Arceus X Crashing Issue – 2022

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Roblox is a vast online gaming platform that allows users to create games and play games created by other users. In Roblox, Arceus X is the first and widely used mod developed for Android. Arceus X is the modified version of the original Roblox. This mod offers various exciting games through different scripts. But unfortunately, Arceus X creates issues now and then. Recently, many players are experiencing crashing issues when attempting to use it. So, in this guide, we will learn how you can easily fix Roblox Arceus X crashing issue.

How to Fix Arceus X Crash Issue in Roblox 2022

Arceus X crashing issue in Roblox is quite frustrating and it occurs more often. Well to get rid of it, here we give you a few potential workarounds to fix it.

Use Parallel Application

To fix Arceus X crashing issues in Roblox, the first thing you need to do is to use a parallel application. Here are some simple steps to follow:

1. You need to download and install a Parallel application from Google Play Store.

2. Now, you can launch the recently downloaded Parallel app and then click on “Agree to the Terms and Conditions”.

3. Next, you need to grant permission to the Parallel app and access your device’s photo and media.

4. Then, tap on the + icon on the app’s home screen.

5. A list of all applications will be opened – Select Roblox and then add.

6. Click on the Roblox app.

7. You will be asked to grant permission to “Install the Unknown” app. Now, you need to allow the installation.

8. Lastly, run the Roblox app and check if the Arceus X crashing issue is fixed or not. 

Use VPN Service

The next solution you can try is to use a reliable and trusted VPN service. After downloading and installing a reliable VPN, launch it and connect it. Wait for some time until you receive a notification that your internet is now private. Once done, now you can open Roblox and check if the Arceus X crashing issue is resolved.

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