Fix Pokemon Home: The Save Data for This Game is Not from the Latest Version Issue

Pokemon Home

Pokemon HOME is a cloud-based service for all compatible mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. It is a platform where all Pokemon can be gathered. Recently, the game has received a new update, version 2.0. After this new update, players can now deposit all of their Pokemon into Pokemon Home and then trade them. But, many players are receiving an error that reads – “The save data for this game is not from the latest version”. If you are suffering from the same issue, here is how you can fix it.

Fixing Pokemon Home: The Save Data for This Game is Not from the Latest Version Issue

If you go to the Deposit section of the main menu, you will see many Pokemon games. Here you can deposit all Pokemon but some players are not able to do that because of their saved data.

It is important to note here that you need to update the game to the latest version and that’s not enough, you should also have your save file from the updated version.

So, if you have not played Pokemon Legends: Arceus for long, and if you are facing any issues depositing Pokemon, then you need to get into your file and save the game. And the same thing you will need to do for Pokemon Let’s GO, Pokemon BDSP, and Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Now, you must be wondering how to save the game. Well, it is pretty easy. To save the game files, you only need to press the up button on the d-pad and then press the triggers to go over to the Save section. Then, press A to save.

For Pokemon BDSP, Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Let’s GO players, just open the menu and then press the save option. Once you create a new save data for the updated version of the game, return to the Pokemon Home app, and now you will be able to connect to the game. Select the Pokemon to deposit and send them to Pokemon Home.

That’s how you can fix the saved data for this game that is not from the latest version issue in Pokemon Home.

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