Fix MultiVersus Steven Universe Emote Bug


MultiVersus not only offers famous characters but also it gives players fun stuff like skin variants, ring out vfx, sticker emotes, and taunts. etc. In MultiVersus, every character has its own default emote. And you need to press “1” or “T” on your keyboard or d-pad on your controller to use it. You will be able to unlock more stickers and emotes and place them in the other directions on the keyboard like 2, 3, and 4 or on the d-pad. However, the game features an option where players can change emotes in the default slot. But recently it seems the Steven Universe emote has bugged and it’s all a bit of a mess. Thankfully, fixing MultiVersus Steven Universe emote bug is quite easy and you only need to follow some simple steps. 

How to Fix MultiVersus Steven Universe Emote Bug 

According to multiple reports, when players replace the default emotes, all other emotes freeze or are stuck on their original taunt. That happens due to a bug and can be fixed easily with a simple temporary workaround.

One of the users on Reddit has shared a workaround to fix the Steven Universe emote bug in MultiVersus. He says, you first need to replace the default emote and then close the game.

 Once done, check if it is working. After that, make sure to keep the default taunt on any of the 3 emote slots and that will fix the issue temporarily. 

So far, this is the only best solution we come across to fix MultiVersus Steven Universe emote bug. Hopefully, the developers will find out the solution and fix the issue permanently soon. Meanwhile, you can try this temporary workaround to fix it.

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