Fix Minecraft Outdated Server Error

Fix Minecraft Launcher Installer Not Working

Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time and it is really a good game for kids that are into artistic stuff. However, the game has several bugs and issues such as a JNI error has occurred, an internal server error, and others. Recently, many players are running into an outdated server error. There are several reasons for this error to occur:

– If you are using the wrong Minecraft’s version to join a server

– If your server version is not supporting

– If the version of the Minecraft is not updated

– If you are on the Xbox Insider Beta program

In this guide, we have covered all the potential workarounds to fix Minecraft’s outdated server error.

How to Fix Minecraft Outdated Server Error

Before you start the troubleshooting guide, make sure the version of your game is up to date. This is the common error faced by many players around the world on their iOS and Android devices. Here is how you can check and update the game’s version.

On Android Devices:

– Open up Google Play

– Press the My Apps icon

– Go to Minecraft

– Press the “Update” button if available

On iOS Devices:

– Open up App Store

– Press the search button

– Go to Minecraft

– Press the “Update” button if available

Unenroll from Xbox Insider

If you are using an Xbox Insider program, then you can’t join a server if you’re not Xbox Insider. In that case, you need to leave the Beta program. Here is how you can do it.

– Go to the Xbox Insider Hub

– Next, click on Minecraft >> Manage >> Unenroll

– Now you can uninstall Minecraft and then reinstall it

Change the Version of the Minecraft

Usually, the launcher launches the latest Minecraft version automatically. But if you are attempting to join a server that still has an older version, you may encounter the Minecraft outdated server error. Here is how you can change the Minecraft version:

1. Open up Minecraft and then go to Installations

2. Click on New Installation and then version

3. Next, select the version of the game

4. And lastly, click on “Create” and attempt to run the game

If nothing works, that means there are some issues with the owner of the server. In that case, contact the owner of the server and request them to update their servers to the latest version.

That’s all you can do to fix Minecraft’s outdated server error.

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