Fix League of Legends Reconnect Loop Issue on Mac

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Disconnection from the running game is a minor frustration that many League of Legends players tolerate whenever their connection is lost. In that case, most players will be able to reconnect to the game after a short break. But recently, many players are complaining that they experience a reconnect loop on their Mac while connecting to League of Legends. This issue prevents them from loading again into the game. If you are one of those who are struggling to find a fix for the reconnect loop issue on Mac, here we have provided some of the best solutions to fix this issue.

How to Fix League of Legends Reconnect Loop Issue on Mac

Because of the reconnect loop issue on Mac, many players are not able to access and enjoy League of Legends. If you just got locked out in the match, there are a few potential methods you can try to fix this issue in League of Legends.

Reset League Client Settings

One of the first solutions includes resetting league client settings. Here is how to do it.

1. Launch the League client.

2. Select the gear icon from the top right corner of the client.

3. Next, click on Restore Defaults on all the subcategories that are available.

4. Once done, try to reconnect the game and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Update Your MacOS Version

If the version of your macOS is outdated, you may encounter a reconnect loop on your Mac while playing League of Legends. So simply update your macOS to the latest version and the issue will be fixed.

Rename League of Legends

1. Go to Applications

2. Click on “League of Legends”

3. Open Contents

4. Select LoL

5. Select game

6. And lastly rename the League of Legends to “LeagueOfLegends” with no space

7. Once done, relaunch the game and it will start running smoothly

That’s all for this guide on how to fix the League of Legends reconnects look issue on your Mac.

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