Fix in the Works for Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Issue

Fix in the Works for Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay Issue

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best tactical shooter games. It is recently released on Google Stadia and there are lots of things to love about this game. However, since its launch, this game creates several technical issues that prevent many players from enjoying this game to the fullest.

Recently, Stadia users are experiencing a problem with the Crossplay function, and they have taken several social media sites to report this issue. According to these reports, players are not able to play with other players who have other gaming platforms.

Many players went out of their way to find out the solutions but so far, there is not a single possible fix for this problem.

However, one of the Reddit users stated that players can play with their friends on other gaming platforms like PC and Luna only if they can have Rainbow Six Siege Delux Edition with the Stadia Pro version.

One of the users reported an issue – “We are friends on both platforms but we can’t send invites on different platforms and be in the same party with different platforms in-game”

On this, Stadia replied – “We’re sorry for the trouble. Our team is aware of this and is working with our partner publisher on a fix. Thanks for bearing with us”.

Thus, Stadia has already acknowledged this issue and they’re already working on the same with the help of Ubisoft. But, they have not revealed the estimated time by when this will get fixed.

Positively, Ubisoft and Stadia would resolve this issue very soon so that players can start enjoying this incredible game again with their friends.

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