Fix GTA The Trilogy Not Working or Loading on Nintendo Switch

Fix GTA The Trilogy Not Working or Loading on Nintendo Switch

The GTA Trilogy: The GTA San Andreas, GTA 3 Definitive Edition, and GTA Vice City are remastered. In this new update, the plot and visuals are upgraded. However, recently many Nintendo Switch users are not happy with the Trilogy as the game is not loading or working on their consoles. Players are already frustrated due to multiple problems, bugs, and visual glitches and now they are having another issue. Thankfully, there are certain possible workarounds you can try to fix the GTA The Trilogy not loading in Nintendo Switch. 

How to Fix GTA The Trilogy Not Loading in Nintendo Switch

It is frustrating when the Trilogy not loading or working in Nintendo Switch. But, it can be fixed by following certain methods. Here we present all the possible solutions to fix GTA The Trilogy not loading or working in Nintendo Switch.

Check the game servers

When GTA The Trilogy doesn’t load or work in Nintendo Switch, the first thing you will need to do is to check the game servers because if they are down or under maintenance, you may encounter certain issues with the game loading. You can check the current status of game servers and all other updates on their official Twitter handle which is @RockstartGames.

Update the game

The next thing you can do is to update the game on your Nintendo Switch so that you can play the game flawlessly without any issues. If you have an outdated game, it can cause some errors and bugs in most cases. To update the game, here are some simple steps to follow: 

1. Go to the game’s home screen >> Select Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

2. Press + button using your right controller and then select “Software update” from the menu

3. If it has any new update available, it will be installed automatically 

4. Once it is down, reboot your Nintendo Switch and then launch the game

Clear up cache data

If GTA The Trilogy is not loading or working due to any cache issues or temporary glitches, you can simply solve it by clearing up cache data. Here is what you need to do:

Open up the in-game menu and then select “System Settings” >> select ‘System’ and select “Formatting Options” >> Select “Delete All Content and Settings” and clear cache data from the account and confirm. Once it is down, make sure to reboot the Nintendo Switch to apply changes.

Repair game files

The next solution is to repair game files and then try again whether or not the issue is resolved. For this: 

1. Press the Home button using your switch controller and open the main menu

2. Now select System Settings >> Data Management >> Software >> and then select GTA trilogy from the given list

3. Select “Look for Data errors” and the process will be started, wait for sometimes

4. Once it is completed, relaunch GTA The Trilogy

Reinstall the game on SD Card

Many users have solved this issue by installing this game on their SD Card. In case the storage of your switch is low or due to some system files, your game may not load properly if you have installed it on the internal memory. So, you can try to uninstall the game and reinstall it again on the SD card.

That’s everything you can do to fix GTA The Trilogy not loading in Nintendo Switch.

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