Fix GTA 5 Joining Session Error – Unable to Join Friends Session Issue

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Grand Theft Auto V or GTA 5 is one of the popular action-adventure games by Rockstar North. This game is the 7th main entry in the series of Grand Theft Auto. But like other online titles, this game also brings several bugs and issues for a long such as an online ban bug after a cheating alert screen or auto shop not working issue. Recently, many frustrated players are not happy with the game as they are unable to join their friends in the matches. It is really awful when you have planned to enjoy GTA 5 with your friends but one of the members is not able to join the session due to a bug. Well, don’t worry and check out this guide as we have gathered all the possible solutions for you. Let’s learn how to fix the GTA 5 joining session error.

Fixing GTA 5 Joining Session Error – Unable to Join Friends Session

There are various troubleshooting suggestions to resolve this issue and here we have covered all of them. If you are unable to join a friends’ session in GTA 5, go through all of these workarounds one by one to get rid of the problem.

1. First of all simply restart your game.

2. If that doesn’t work, try to power cycle your PC or console.

3. Make sure you don’t have any pending updates for the device and your game.

4. Check whether or not your internet is working fine. Attempt to minimize the number of connected devices on the same network. If required, you can also try to restart your router.

5. The next best thing you can try is to switch your connection from WiFi to Ethernet. Remember, a wired connection is more stable than Wi-Fi most of the time.

6. Check the current server status. If it is down due to any reason, the issue will get resolved automatically once the servers are back online.

7. Make sure any antivirus or firewall isn’t blocking the game from working properly.

8. You can also try to use a VPN. It will work in case a local server has any issues in your region.

9. If nothing works, you can do this tactic. Ask your friends to change lobbies and check if your friends are able to send you an invitation to join the session.

10 If you receive an error that says – “Timed out locating session”, then attempt to enter into the Story Mode and join your friends through the Social Club menu.

That’s all – We hope this guide has helped you to fix GTA 5 joining session error – unable to join friends session.

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