Fix Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

Fix Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the long standing titles from several years back and it still manages to retain its player base. The success of the game has inspired so many games that we play today. But, like all online multiplayer games, FFXIV can also run into server problems. An issue that emerges from time to time is the Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Lobby Server Connection Error 2002. There can be several cause of this error such as the firewall blocking the game, a problem with the user’s internet, and the most likely a problem with the server. Stick with the post and we will tell you all about the FFXIV error 2002.

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) – How to Fix Lobby Server Connection Error 2002

If this is the first time you are getting this error, then you need to go through a bunch of processes such as troubleshooting your connection for problems, but, if the issue arose abruptly and the game worked fine previously, the problem is the servers.

From time to time, the FFXIV servers can go down for specific regions. You will see other players play the game and think the issue is on your end, but that’s not the case. The best thing to do when you are hit with the Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Lobby Server Connection Error 2002 is to verify the server status in your region. There are various ways to do it like the Downdetector website or the Sub-Reddit of the game. If there is any ongoing issue it will be reported there.

If the problem is with the servers there is nothing you can do about it. You will have to wait for the developers to resolve the issue. However, if the servers are fine, it’s most likely a problem on your end.

Even when the servers are the problem, there is a way to play the game and that’s using a VPN connection. We suggest you try ExpressVPN as it’s one of the best for gaming.  

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